About Us

We at Econovus believe in a more sustainable and circular future. We aim to accelerate the world’s transition to a zero-waste future in packaging while also encouraging the use of energy-efficient materials across sectors. Econovus packaging solutions are intended to add value to clients in a variety of areas, ranging from sustainable materials for packaging to energy-saving performance materials.

Cleanovus is a part of Econovus where we offer cleaning solutions for home, office and industrial use. Cleanovus is a strong, multi-purpose premium cleaning solution with German Technology that removes tough stains, stubborn dirts and marks on any surface. Yes, we repeat, on any surface. This product is a super handy, durable white pad made with a German material and manufactured in India. 

You can use this easy to clean bar on switch panes, leather products, tiles, grouts, laptops, car interiors & exteriors, alloy wheels, doors, & literally on most of the surfaces around you to experience the magic!