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Sneaker Revive - Pack of 4

Sneaker Revive - Pack of 4

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Sneaker Revive: Your Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Solution

Key Features

German Technology:
-Advanced engineering for superior cleaning performance.

Chemical-Free & Anti-Bacterial:
-Safely cleans without harsh chemicals.

Durable & Scratch-Free:
-Innovative sponge removes stains without causing scratches.

Flexible 3D Network Structure:
-Adapts to sneaker contours for thorough cleaning.

Compact & Portable:
-Size: 6x6x2.5 cm, perfect for pockets or bags.
-Packaging: Pack of 4 in a 13x13x3 cm box.

Long-Lasting Performance:
-Removes 10-12 stains per piece.
-Continues to clean effectively even as it diminishes in size.

Saves Money & Time:
-No extra brushes or solution needed—just add water.


  • Wet the foam.
  • Squeeze out excess water.
  • Use in circular motions on the stain area.
  • Wipe clean.

Designed For

- Sneaker enthusiasts
- Busy professionals
- Athletes and outdoor adventurers

Elevate your shoe care with Sneaker Revive and enjoy pristine sneakers wherever you go.

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